hods of the entertainment industry when treating your own father?”

Before Su Bei could speak, the reporters took the initiative to defend her.
“You’re wrong.
Su Xingfu was clearly the one using the despicable means of the entertainment industry to deal with Su Bei.
Su Bei was clearly adopted, and as her adoptive father, he knew about it.
However, he brought out a DNA test report and publicly announced that Su Bei was the product of her mother’s affair.
How could there be such a father in the world?”

“That’s right.
You’re a person who doesn’t know how to distinguish between right and wrong.
You just came here yet you immediately said that Su Bei is in the wrong.
How shameless can you be? Could it be that the entire Su family is like this?”

“Perhaps the rumors of Su Bei having an affair with Jiang Hong and Director Gibson were all caused by this father.
He’s truly a unworthy father! He’s a useless husband too!”

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Just as Du Luo was about to defend him, the reporters started talking about how Su Xingfu slandered Su Bei, how Xu Zhiqin paid someone to slander Su Bei, and how Su Huixian changed her age to hide the fact that she was a mistress’ daughter.

Du Luo’s expression became especially complicated after hearing their words.

It turned out it was true that the Su family really treated Su Bei like this.
They actually treated Su Bei like this…

He had always thought that Su Bei was too willful, which led to her estranged relationship with her family.
However, the truth was that she had always suffered grievances and hardships because the Su family never once treated her as their family.

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As for Su Huixian, she was not completely unaware of these things.
She came to the Su family when she was eight and changed her age to three.
It was impossible for her not to have any impression of such matters.

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