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Su Bei always felt that there was more to the two sisters’ words, but she could only think about work matters now.
She could not get involved in anything else.

When Tang Yue returned home, Old Master Tang, Tang Jianming, and Lin Shulian were all staring at her.

Lin Shulian, in particular, was extremely anxious.
Her eyes were fixed on her.
Without waiting for her daughter to change out of her shoes and sit down, she pulled her and asked, “Tang Yue, did you tell Su Bei? What did she say? When is she coming back for a meal? Is she moving back?”

“Mom, don’t be so anxious.
It won’t be that soon.” Tang Yue threw her bag on the sofa.

“Then what exactly did she say?”

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Tang Yue seemed to be deliberating over her words.
After a long while, she said, “She still holds a grudge against her family for losing her and for not being able to find her after so many years.
She’s very against all of this and even said that everyone is better off being strangers.”

The face of Old Master Tang immediately faltered.

Lin Shulian was very disappointed.
“How could this be? She’s my daughter, my biological daughter.

She lowered her head and wept.

“Mom, she just can’t think straight.
It’ll be fine after some time.
Give her more time and don’t look for her anymore in the meantime,” Tang Yue consoled.

“I just want her to come back as soon as possible and make up for all the years I owe her.
Back then, it was because I didn’t fulfill my duty as a mother that I lost her.
It’s natural for her to blame me.” Lin Shulian cried.

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Tang Jianming didn’t feel good either.
As a father, how was he not responsible for the loss of his child?

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