Orisa’s show.
Then she called him.

Mike, I’m Su Bei…”

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“I know you.
You chose another job and refused us.” Mike’s voice was cold.
Obviously, he was very unhappy with Su Bei’s choice.

“I’m sorry.
It’s my fault that I didn’t communicate well with my agent.
I apologize sincerely.” Su Bei was not stupid.
She would not tell Mike about the internal affairs between her and Qiu Minxuan.

Her particularly sincere attitude made Mr.
Mike’s attitude slightly softened.
“Then I hope there will be a chance for us to cooperate next time.”

Su Bei said, “Mr.
Mike, I know that there will be several replacements arranged for every big show, in case of any accident to other models.
I apply to be a replacement this time!”

“Miss Su, our replacements this time are all European and American models.”

Su Bei understood that because of the outstanding physical conditions of the European and American people, so most of the replacements this time were European and American female models.

She said in a calm and firm voice, “Mr.
Mike, Orisa’s show is held in S Country.
I think its purpose is for the better development of the Asia market, isn’t it? At present, you have chosen five Asian models.
But what if something happens to one of them?

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If the replacement is a foreign one, wouldn’t it be a waste of this promotion opportunity in S Country?”

Mike thought for a while and said, “You are right, Su Bei.
But I don’t want anything to happen on the spot to destroy our overall layout.
Do you understand?”

“Of course I know.
I just want to be a replacement.
I have no other plans or ideas.
There is no model who will personally destroy her opportunity to stand in an international fashion show!” Su Bei said firmly.

She understood what he meant.
He didn’t want anyone to cause trouble to the fashion show because of fighting for the chance to get onto the stage.

“You can come then.
I will ask my assistant to give you the invitation,” Mike agreed.

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