id not fulfill their duties as guardians.
Su Bei didn’t do anything wrong.

Moreover, she was the best woman in the world, yet she had to accept the moral judgment of this family.

The pain in Lu Heting’s heart slowly rose and pierced his bones.

His heart ached for the woman, but this family was her biological family.
It was a group of people that he couldn’t do anything to…

“Push back all my work in the afternoon and evening,” Lu Heting instructed Lu Hang.

After Su Bei was done with work, she went home early in the afternoon.
Da Bao and Gun Gun had not returned yet.
She quickly took off her high heels and changed into fluffy slippers before lying comfortably on the sofa.

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How soft and comfortable!

“You’re back?” Lu Heting’s voice came from behind.

Su Bei jolted and sat up.
“You’re already off work?”

“Yeah.” Lu Heting knew that her two activities today had ended, so he came to accompany her.

She touched her neck and moved slightly to the side.

The man immediately stretched out his warm palm and placed it on her neck, massaging her.
His palm was warm and suitable for this weather.
His strength was neither light nor heavy as he massaged her.
She couldn’t help but close her eyes.

Why was he so good at this? It was as if he had specially learned it before.

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Seeing her closing her eyes, the man smiled.

“I heard you were followed by paparazzi today?” Lu Heting asked casually.

Su Bei narrowed her eyes and nodded.
“Yes, I was.
They’re really scary and can’t be classified as fans.
However, I didn’t let them succeed in their plans and escaped first.

“I even met an old grandpa in the park..
He was so funny.

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