athered at the ceremony.

Although it was only a grand event in the modeling industry, there were still quite a few celebrities present as many models had changed their careers by becoming actors or singers.
Their attendance made the entire venue sparkle.

On the stage, the emcee livened up the atmosphere.
“Hao Jiali is walking over.
She’s one of the most hardworking models this year and is very dedicated to her work.
She has participated in 90 fashion shows… Now…”

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Everyone walked down the red carpet and went to the stage one by one to take pictures.
Then, under the staff’s guidance, they took their seats in the front row.

Hao Jiali’s voice was very loud.
She walked to the front and greeted everyone gracefully.

“Next up is Su Bei, the well-deserved new talent of this year! In the past few days, she has made several work announcements.
She’s the new spokesperson for Dream Jewelry, the front page cover of Beauty Magazine, as well as nabbed three endorsements and a big fashion show.
She’s very popular with fashion brands…”

When Su Bei appeared, the venue was immediately filled with screams.

She was wearing a short dress that revealed her signature long legs.
She walked over elegantly and neatly.
The red carpet was no challenge for her.
Even though she was wearing high heels, it was not difficult at all.

She called out to the crowd and everyone screamed, “Su Bei! Su Bei, look here!”

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“I love you, Su Bei!”

Su Bei’s gaze swept across the crowd.
Everyone felt as if she was looking at them with deep emotions.

Hao Jiali had already sat down and was talking to Jian Ping through WeChat.
[Did Su Bei buy fans? Why is it so noisy at the scene?]

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