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Tang Yue secretly called him a sly old fox! She asked, “Who can ensure that I get the most attention when I get on stage?”

“The model who’s a good father figure.
We’re going to show a video of his son when the time comes.
That little guy has a bunch of mom fans right now.”

“Alright, him then,” Tang Yue said.

Meng Fei was about to agree when his phone suddenly rang.

He wanted to decline, but when he saw the name on it, he could not help but stand up straight.

He quickly said, “Little President Tang, I need to take this call.”

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Tang Yue waved him off nonchalantly.

She only wanted to prepare her speech and deal Su Bei a damaging blow.

Later when Su Bei was scolded by the entire internet for using money to win awards and relying on her family for getting resources, she would have no evidence to clear her name.

At that time, Su Bei would have the most irreconcilable conflict with the elders of the Tang family.
She would hate the elders of the Tang family as they were the ones who caused her the criticisms and disasters.

On the other hand, the elders would only think that she was insensible to acknowledge them in such a high-profile setting.
After all, as the elders of the Tang family, they had already been trying their best to make it up to Su Bei.
However, in truth, everything was Tang Yue’s scheme.

Although the elders of the Tang family started Sheng Tang Entertainment, they were not very familiar with the rules of the entertainment circle.
They did not know what the consequences of their actions would be.

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By then, the conflict between the two sides would reach an irreconcilable state.

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