Chapter 593: This Investment

Meng Fei walked to the side and looked at the name on the phone.
He picked up the call excitedly and said respectfully, “Mr.
WeiJian! What can I do for you?”

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He really didn’t expect Lu Weijian to call him.
Everyone in the industry wanted to bootlick him!

“I’ll give you an eight-digit and a fixed amount of sponsorship.
You can’t accept any other sponsorships tonight and can’t let anyone unrelated go on stage.
Can you do that?”

Meng Fei was so excited that his fingers were trembling!

That number was close to 100 million!

Compared to the millions that Tang Yue was offering him, it was like comparing a watermelon to a sesame seed.

A golden light flashed before Meng Fei’s eyes.
He had to seize this golden opportunity!

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“Yes, yes, I can do that! I’ll definitely do it!”

“Don’t accept anything from Sheng Tang.
If you mess it up, you’ll be the one to face the consequences!”

“I won’t mess it up, I’ll definitely do it perfectly! If I mess it up, I’ll chop off my head and deliver it to your doorstep!” Meng Fei hurriedly bowed his head and said.
Since he was able to work together with Lu Corporation, even if he had to sacrifice his life, he had to do everything well.

As for Tang Yue and Sheng Tang, forget about them! If Mr.
Weijian were to invest in him in the future, he did not need to have any more worries.

Meng Fei walked back happily.
Tang Yue, who was deep in thought, did not pay attention to what he was saying over the phone.
Thinking that he was happy to receive her money, she said, “Producer Meng, make the arrangements!”

“I’m sorry, Little President Tang.
We won’t be able to work together this time.
To tell you the truth, I’ve received a big investment.
The investor has made it clear that he won’t accept any unauthorized person to go on stage! Please leave!”

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“How big of an investment is it? I’ll give the same amount to you right away!” Tang Yue was furious.
Who was it who dared to ruin her plans midway?!

“Not much, almost 100 million.” Meng Fei’s meaning could not be clearer.
If she could afford it, he might choose to work with her instead.

Of course, if Tang Yue were to really give that money to him, he would still have to ask Mr.
Weijian for permission first!

However, Tang Yue could not afford such a large sum of money!

As expected, Tang Yue fell silent when she heard the price of nearly 100 million yuan.

Although the Tang family was rich, they didn’t dare to burn their money like this.
Moreover, she couldn’t make a decision like this alone regardless of whether it was regarding Sheng Tang or Tang Group.

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How could she take out so much money in one go?

Seeing her expression, Meng Fei knew what she was thinking.
If she couldn’t afford it, there was nothing he could do.
Besides, even if she could afford it, Mr.
Weijian was still above her.
Even if she wanted to give the money to him, it may not be possible either.

Tang Yue was so angry that she turned around and left! She was not that stupid to lose so much money for Su Bei!

Meng Fei shrugged his shoulders.
“Who can be richer than Lu Corporation when it comes to money? With this investment, why would I need to work with Sheng Tang?”

Tang Yue walked out of the room.
It did not matter if she could not go on stage.
As long as the marketing accounts were in control later, the effect would still be sensational.

Besides, she could even accept interviews from reporters and openly admit that her sister had returned home.
What a touching topic that would be.

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Wasn’t a topic like this worth a thesis-like article?

This was what Tang Yue thought, but before she could walk far, two men in black blocked her path.

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