cerely while revealing a smile.

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Moved by her smile, the audience burst into applause.

The fans watching the live broadcast also cheered for her.
Su Bei was really too good-looking.
If she didn’t become famous, it would be unforgivable.

The emcee smiled and said, “We have a segment tonight.
We’ll choose someone among the fans who voted for you and they’ll get your card.
You’ll do the honors for this segment.”

Su Bei did not think that there would be such a segment.
She looked at the card in her hand and could not help but reveal an innocent smile.
Her lipstick mark was on it.
She wanted to give this card to her husband.

Because of her smile, everyone laughed kindly.
As they had seen her kiss the card, they found it even more interesting.

Especially her fans, who acted like they were celebrating New Year’s.
“Is this really happening! Lady Luck, please give me your power!”

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“I want the card from the goddess!”

“No, I want to become the card in her hand and accept her kiss.”

“Wow, it’s not in vain that I had many of my friends and family vote for Su Bei.
My chances are much higher.
Hahahaha, I’m impressed with my own wit!”

In the past, there was indeed no such segment during the Top Ten Model Awards.

However, this year, the organizers had seen Su Bei’s influence on the internet and the number of fans she had.
Her influence made this segment possible.

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