s own face.
Thinking back to how Bei Bei would kiss him every day, he instantly felt a surge of happiness.
He nodded heavily.
“Right, right, right.
When Bei Bei comes home, I want a kiss.”

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Just as everyone was eagerly anticipating, Su Bei pressed the button.

On the big screen, a Weibo name was displayed.
“Shell 001!”

The emcee said excitedly, “Congratulations to the user called Shell 001.
You’ve been chosen by Su Bei.
You’ll receive this unique card from Su Bei! Please contact us to receive your award!”

Su Bei smiled sweetly.
“Thank you.”

If she had known earlier, she would not have kissed the card so casually.
It was a little weird to give away the card with her lipstick mark on it.

The live-stream comments were filled with envy.

[There are millions of people voting for Su Bei and someone actually got my goddess’s kiss just like that.
I’m crying!]

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[Please auction it!]

[Please resell!]


Instantly, everyone followed the account Shell 001.

“Sigh, I have more than 50 accounts, but I didn’t get it!” Lu Weijian sighed and slammed the table.
“A conspiracy! It must be a conspiracy! I refuse to accept this!”

Da Bao looked at him sympathetically and reached out to adjust his little bow tie.
It was the same style as the dress Su Bei was wearing tonight!

Even at home, he and Su Bei were together in spirit.

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