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Lu Weijian also picked up his phone and typed Su Bei’s name.
He laughed.
“Such PDA.
As expected of my brother, he can even think of such a romantic method.
This is really awesome.
I want to plagiarize this method for when I pick up girls.”

He would have to ask his brother how this was done.
No, he would ask his brother to transfer it to him.

He happily came to that decision.

He took out his phone and called Lu Heting.
“Brother, what’s the program you used to make that red heart on Weibo? Teach me, or simply give it to me.”

“What?” Lu Heting didn’t understand.

“On Weibo, the one that appears the moment Su Bei’s name is typed…”

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Lu Heting moved his phone away from his ear and opened Weibo to type Su Bei’s name.

After that, his screen was filled with eye-catching images of hearts.
It was indeed well done, but it had nothing to do with Lu Heting.

He picked up the phone again.
“I don’t know, it isn’t me.”

“How could it not be you? Who else would have so much free time? No… I mean, who else could be so talented?” Weijian changed his words halfway.

He jumped down from the sofa excitedly and saw Da Bao calmly operating a program on his phone.
Lu Weijian took a closer look.
This was the one!

It was not Big Brother, but Da Bao!

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“I’ve already found who it is! Brother, so it really isn’t you! It turns out it’s…” Lu Weijian put down his phone and hugged Da Bao’s thigh.
“Da Bao, can you let Uncle use this?”

“…” Da Bao was speechless.

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