Su Bei had already changed into a set of clothes that were more comfortable to move around in.
She ran out and went straight to the Bentley in the corner, getting into Lu Heting’s car.

The man looked at her with a gentle smile in his eyes.
His cold face was less fierce now.
The bow tie looked warm and dazzling under the dim yellow light.

Once Su Bei got into the car, he reached out and held her hand.

At the same time, Lu Heting took off his jacket and placed it over Su Bei’s shoulders.

It was cold outside, and Su Bei’s hands were cold.
Lu Heting held her hands and brought them to his lips.

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This action was enough to melt Su Bei’s heart.

“I brought you a gift.” Su Bei pulled out his palm and took out the card from his bag.
“This is for you! You have half the credit for my win tonight!”

Lu Heting reached out to take the card and realized that it was the card she had kissed on the stage.
He put it away carefully.
“But this is for the fan you picked out.
Isn’t it a little inappropriate?”

“When I kissed it, I was thinking of giving it to you as a gift later.
I totally did not expect the organizer to add this lucky draw event at the last minute.
So, I gave the fan a spare card and asked Xiao Bai to give them other stuff as well.
I hope that person won’t mind.”

“They won’t.” Lu Heting didn’t tell her that the Weibo account she picked was his.

“How do you know?”

“As your fan, that person will be understanding of you no matter what you do.
Besides, you’re giving them so many other things.
They’ll be satisfied.”

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Su Bei nodded.
“I hope that’s the case.”

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