nate and deep eyes and his intoxicating voice.

“Of course Bei Bei is cute.
Because Bei Bei is a cutie.
Daddy’s wife is not cute at all.
She hasn’t come back for five years.”

She hadn’t been back for five years?

Hearing that, the smile on Su Bei’s face froze all of a sudden.
Was Gun Gun talking about her?

This time, it was Lu Heting’s turn to smile and look at Su Bei leisurely.

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Suddenly, a sense of guilt rose in Su Bei’s heart.
She planned to expose Lu Heting’s words just now, but now it seemed that she was going to expose herself.

“Gun Gun, tell your cutie, what’s daddy’s wife’s name?” Lu Heting said with a sexy smile on his face.

Gun Gun replied in a cute childish voice, “Daddy’s wife is called Su Bei.
Well, Su Bei? This name sounds a little familiar.
My lovely Bei Bei is also called Su Bei, isn’t she?”

Su Bei touched her own face with her hands.
She really lost this battle against Lu Heting! It turned out that he didn’t lie to her.

She moved her eyes away from him.

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He really didn’t have a woman… How did he get through these five years?

Gun Gun raised his small head and asked Lu Heting, “Daddy, is Su Bei your wife?”

“Yes,” Lu Heting said proudly.

“Her name is Su Bei, and her name is also Su Bei…” Gun Gun rubbed his fingers and then the smile on his face suddenly broke into pieces, as if he had realized something terrible.
He suddenly burst into tears, “Daddy is bad.
You take Bei Bei away from me! Boo…Hoo… No, I don’t agree.

The last thing Su Bei wanted to see was that a cute baby was wronged.
She picked him up and said, “Gun Gun! Don’t cry! Bei Bei picks Gun Gun!”

With tears on his face, Gun Gun burst into laughter and said, “Really? Don’t lie to me, okay?”

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