s were taken in the snow and Su Bei looked very spirited despite the cold environment, they had high aesthetic value.
It was impressive that she could maintain her expression and keep her limbs flexible despite the freezing temperature.

The chief editor immediately decided to use the photos that had already been taken.
Su Bei did not need to continue taking any more photos.
In addition, the magazine would publish all the photos that Su Bei had taken this time.
It would be considered as Beauty’s apology to Su Bei’ regarding this unfortunate incident that happened during their collaboration.
It also expressed the chief editor’s love for this series of photos.

When the news came, Su Bei was a little surprised.
“The photos have been selected? We’re not taking any more photos?”

“The chief editor personally agreed to it.
They’re a fan of the photos you took.
I’m sorry, Su Bei.
I was negligent, causing such a situation to happen.” Yue Ze was apologetic.
If he had been around during the shoot, things would have been much better.
Huang Zhixian might not have dared to act so recklessly.

“It’s okay.
It’s all in the past.” Su Bei’s tone was very relaxed.

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When Lu Heting heard this, he was slightly satisfied with Beauty’s solution.
They were fair and reasonable.

No one in Beauty knew that they were almost on the verge of bankruptcy earlier.
It was the chief editor’s reasonable decision that saved the entire company.

Su Bei put away her phone and said to Lu Heting, “Beauty has made reasonable arrangements.
You should be relieved now, right?”

“Mm.” Lu Heting nodded.

“Then let’s go look at the snow, make snowmen, and take photos in the snow, shall we? I don’t have any other plans for the next few days but Brother Yue Ze booked this hotel room for two nights.”

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