one who made the mistake! She was dumbfounded.
“Executive Assistant Lu, will Mr.
Lu… fire me?”

She actually exposed Mr.
Lu’s big secret in front of everyone.
She deserved to die!

The assistant lowered her head, heartbroken.

“I’ve already said that it’s my fault.
Continue with your work!” Lu Hang took a few steps forward and quickly put the things away.
“Pretend you didn’t see anything!”

Everyone nodded in understanding.

However, when Lu Hang walked out, everyone had indescribable expressions on their faces.

What was going on? Did Mr.
Lu like men?

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Lu Hang carried the things and walked out.
He was a little worried.
Lu asked him to help with the delivery that would be under his name, but the package was actually full of Lu Bei’s things!

Then, was Su Bei’s existence as Young Madam fake?

Lu Hang carried a bunch of things in.
Lu, your things are here.
I opened the package myself.”

“Put it down,” said Lu Heting.

The only package he was expecting to receive that was under Lu Hang’s name was the package Su Bei sent out the night she won the award.

To be picked by Su Bei among the millions of people who voted was more important than the gift itself.

Lu Heting opened it.
There was really a lot of stuff inside, except for Su Bei’s card.
She had already privately given him the one with the lipstick mark, while this was just a spare card.

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There were also Lu Bei’s autographed photos and dolls as well as a bunch of similar things.

Lu Heting frowned slightly.
He looked through everything to find something of Su Bei but it was only that card.

The rest were all related to Lu Bei.

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