“When I was his age, I had to take care of myself too.
He’s our son, so he’ll do better than me.”

When he was comforting her, he also complimented their son.
This man’s ability to pacify her was top-notch.

Su Bei held his hand.
“Let’s go, then.
I should prepare for the interviews.”

After Su Bei met up with Yue Ze and Xiao Bai, they started the interviews for the four fashion shows.

During the interviews, there were familiar faces everywhere.
People like Su Huixian and Hao Jiali could be seen everywhere.

Every supermodel in S Country was looking forward to boosting their own reputation during international fashion shows.

Ten days later, Su Bei had collected four invitations.

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In other words, she had obtained all the rights to appear in the four fashion shows.
She basically won the grand slam.

She would be busy in a month.

She was also the only person in S Country who managed to book all four shows.

Other models from S Country were also qualified to go on stage, but it was only one show at most.

The show in Milan that Hao Jiali got was the one that Tang Yue got after putting in much effort.

If one did not compare her to Su Bei, Hao Jiali getting this show was very impressive.

This was because Milan Fashion Week was the most prestigious among the four fashion weeks, and it was also the head of the four fashion weeks.
It was a rare opportunity to be able to take the stage here.

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However, with Su Bei as a comparison, the announcement for Hao Jiali’s achievements this time wasn’t easy to draft out.
No matter how it was written, it would only increase Su Bei’s popularity.

Hao Jiali and Jian Ping were extremely dissatisfied, thinking that Tang Yue was not serious enough in helping them.

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