For a man like him, it was normal for him to have double standards.
He only hoped that his investment would be able to get the greatest returns.
He didn’t want the talents he spent money to support earning money that wouldn’t go into his pockets.

It was Lu Heting who gave Zhao Xingtian the information he collected.

On the other side, Jian Ping and Hao Jiali arrived at Tang Yue’s office as soon as they received the invitation for Milan Fashion Week.

Tang Yue passed the new contract to Jian Ping and said, “You can sign your renewal contract now.”

“I’m sorry, President Tang.
Jiali and I are not renewing our contracts.”

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“What?” Tang Yue slammed her hands on the table as she stood up.
“Why? I worked so hard to get the Milan Fashion Week show for you guys, but now you’re both breaking the contracts?”

“It’s not like that, President Tang.
Our contract has expired, so we’re just choosing not to renew it.
How can it be called breaking the contract? Besides, Jiali was the one who went to the interview to get Milan Fashion Week.
You can’t say that it’s all because of you, right?” Jian Ping had found a new company, so she was fearless.

Moreover, after getting the contract for Milan Fashion Week, everything would basically be finalized and there wouldn’t be any changes.
That was why she dared to do this.

Jian Ping continued, “You should give the remaining resources to Su Bei! We don’t need them.”

“Do you think that Su Bei’s resources were all given by me? Do you think all four fashion shows were given to Su Bei by me? Do you think I’m suppressing you guys because of her?”

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