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Those words were just short of pointing at her nose and saying that Su Huixian was an idiot without any status.

“Then take your rubbish and go embarrass yourself at the scene.” Qiu Minxuan helped Su Huixian to say what she wanted to say but could not bring herself to say.

“Even if it’s embarrassing, I didn’t step on your tail, right? Why are you so anxious? The emperor is not anxious, but the eunuch is,” Su Bei said indifferently and lazily.

Qiu Minxuan’s face turned red.

Liao Xintong tried to ease the tension between them.
“Forget it.
There’s no need to argue over such a small matter.
Why don’t we pay the bill first?”

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At this moment, a small scale chaos had started in the shop.
It turned out that after the young man left, he had called the higher-ups and asked them to immediately arrange for people to sort out the issues in the shop and deal with the shop assistant.

At this moment, Mr.
Qiao, the head of the company, had personally come to the shop to deal with the problems that the young boss had raised over the phone.

When Liao Xintong and Su Huixian went to pay the bill, it was Mr.
Qiao who personally received them.
He said in neither a servile nor an overbearing manner, “800,000 yuan.
Are you paying by card or cash?”

“Of course, I’m paying with a credit card,” said Su Huixian.
“Huh, that’s not right.
Didn’t you say that there was a discount of 400,000 yuan? Why is it the original price instead?”

“I’m sorry, but this discount is for VVIP customers.
Other customers don’t have such a discount.”

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Seeing that he did not recognize her, Su Huixian did not mind and said with a smile, “Miss Liao Xintong, who came with me, is a VVIP customer of the shop..
That’s why the assistant in charge said that he would give us this discount.”

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