Chapter 645: Tacitly Acknowledging Her Noble Status

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She pulled Liao Xintong to her side and said, “See, Miss Liao is here.”

Liao Xintong raised her chin and looked at Mr.
His face was a little unfamiliar, but looking at the shop assistant’s humble posture as he stood behind Mr.
Qiao, Liao Xintong knew that his status might not be low.
Hence, she didn’t make things difficult for him and only looked at him arrogantly.

Qiao said in a business-like manner, “I’m sorry, our system doesn’t show that you’re a VVIP customer, so we can’t give you the discount.”

Liao Xintong’s face fell.
To be honest, 400,000 yuan wasn’t very important but it was a matter of losing her reputation now.

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She was already used to being complimented and flattered.
Why was he suddenly telling her that she was not a VVIP customer?

Her gaze was a little evasive.
She said to him, “Shop assistant, please explain.
How am I not a VVIP customer? The management of your shop is really messy.”

The shop assistant was panicking, but he still had to explain, “Customers in our shop have to spend 50 million, or be a customer for more than ten years before they can become VVIP customers.”

“Nonsense! I used to pay the bill after receiving discounts as a VVIP customer.
Why can’t I do the same now?”

“Previously, it was because of you… It was because you came in with that big shot once, so we…” The assistant in charge saw Liao Xintong and Old Master Lu come together once, so he silently acknowledged her noble status and complimented her every time since then.

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In reality, Old Master Lu had only come to visit and coincidentally met Liao Xintong here.
Since she insisted on accompanying him, Old Master Lu didn’t reject her.
Coincidentally, Old Master Lu was recognized by everyone in the shop, which made them respect Liao Xintong more.

Besides, Liao Xintong would only buy a few pieces as gifts.
Each time she came, she never spent much.
She was not qualified to become a VVIP customer.

The shop assistant’s words undoubtedly hit Liao Xintong in the face, causing her interrogation earlier to immediately crumble.

Of course, it was because she wanted to build a relationship with Old Master Lu, but how could she say such things? How could she tell these people here? Her noble identity could only be subtly revealed and she could only have others make wild guesses, but she couldn’t confirm anything.

After all, she was currently in a very dangerous position…

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Qiao said, “So previously, you gave this ordinary customer a discount according to the VVIP membership?”

The shop assistant in charge lowered his head, obviously assenting.

Qiao couldn’t help but feel annoyed.
How did the shop assistant make up for the deficit, then? Was the business in the shop already so chaotic?

Also, what was with the bossy Liao Xintong and Su Huixian?

The calligraphy shop was fundamentally different from those jewelry shops.

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The staff in the shop should also adopt a similar mindset.
They were not selling commercial goods, nor did they focus on selling as many as possible.
They would not maintain such relationships with customers just to make them regulars..
Instead, they were responsible for finding the most suitable owners for these cultural and spiritual calligraphy pieces.

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