Besides, he had done a lot more things than just giving discounts.

Qiao said to him, “This is an internal matter.
When the time comes, there will naturally be arrangements.
But from now on, you’ll be suspended.
Other than being investigated, everything else has nothing to do with you.”

Qiao, I know I was wrong…”

Qiao couldn’t be bothered to listen anymore and walked toward Su Bei.

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“Miss, this is our shop’s new tea from this year.” Mr.
Qiao walked forward and placed a bowl of good tea in front of her, replacing the cup of aged bitter tea that was filled with tea leaves that she had just received.

“Thank you.” Su Bei looked up and smiled gently.

Qiao hurriedly lowered his head.
“If there’s anything you need me, please let me know.”

Thanks a lot.” Su Bei laughed.

Qiao didn’t say anything more and retreated to the side.
The current atmosphere was what a calligraphy shop was supposed to be like.
A cup of tea with a faint fragrance lingered at the tip of Su Bei’s nose.

The young girl sat quietly on the old-fashioned pearwood chair, calmly flipping through the professional calligraphy magazine in her hands.
Her gentle eyes made the entire shop return to its natural disposition.

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Qiao couldn’t help but shake his head and smile.
He didn’t expect that a woman dressed in such ordinary clothes would look like she was acting in a commercial just by sitting there.
If she were to change into another set of clothes, she would look like a walking commercial.

After a while, the calligraphy piece that Su Bei wanted was done.
Qiao took it from the professional who was responsible for framing calligraphy works.
When he saw the words on it, he was slightly stunned.
However, he did not say anything and handed it to Su Bei.

“This is the work you wanted.” Mr..
Qiao extended his hand and respectfully handed the item over.

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