Liao Xintong was taken aback.
She did not expect Lu Heting to be so unreasonable.
It was snowing heavily and she had already come, yet he still said such a thing…

Her eyes were filled with resentment and forbearance.
Unfortunately, Lu Heting did not even spare her a glance.
Her fake emotions were wasted.

“Happy New Year, everyone.
Goodbye.” Liao Xintong was still very sensible.

Lu wanted to have Liao Xintong stay, but she knew that it wasn’t appropriate, and she didn’t want to fight with her son on such a day.
She could only watch as Liao Xintong left.

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Lu Heting took off his jacket and handed it to the butler.

Without waiting for the elders to speak, Lu Heting said, “I’ve already told you guys a few days ago that Su Bei will be busy during this period.
That’s her job and she really can’t take leave, so I’m greeting everyone on her behalf.
If there’s nothing else, let’s eat.”

“What about Da Bao?” Old Master Lu asked angrily.

“Da Bao needs to visit Su Bei’s family.” Lu Heting nodded.

Old Master Lu was speechless.
Lu Weijian chimed in, “That’s right.
My sister-in-law didn’t just jump out of a rock.
She has a family too.
It’s not unreasonable for Da Bao to visit her side of the family.
Grandpa, have some soup.
Come, come.
Don’t we still have Gun Gun?”

“Great-grandfather, have some soup,” Gun Gun said obediently.

Seeing how smart and sensible Gun Gun was, Old Master Lu couldn’t be angry anymore.
He said kindly to Gun Gun, “Be good.
I’ll drink the soup.”

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Only then did the whole family eat.

Seeing that Mrs.
Lu was still unhappy, Lu Weijian said in a low voice, “In my opinion, it’s right that my sister-in-law didn’t come back.
She’ll be upset if she were to see Liao Xintong here.
That woman didn’t know what’s going on and came to our house at this time.
It’s good enough that my brother didn’t leave upon seeing her.”

Lu was so angry that she wanted to knock him on the head.
He quickly picked up some food and placed it into Mrs..
Lu’s bowl.
“Eat! Eat!”

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