rown up and was completely different from before.
They had only seen her appearance on television.

After Su Bei entered with her assistant, some people recognized her.

“Isn’t that the famous model?”

“Su Bei! She’s the most popular model now.
She’s very famous.”

“Yes, yes, yes.
It’s Su Bei.
Why is she here?”

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“She works in Sheng Tang Entertainment.
If the two presidents invite her, it’s normal for her to come, right?”

“But an artist is an artist.
This is the big boss’ family gathering.
Why did they need to invite an artist?”

“Who knows? We’re not family members anyway.
It doesn’t matter.”

A series of discussions could be heard.

Su Bei’s clothes tonight was very simple.
It was just an ordinary down jacket that was mainly used to keep her warm.
She wore no accessories and no makeup.
Her fair and clean face looked clean and clear.

When Du Luo saw Su Bei, he subconsciously clenched his fists.

If Su Huixian was not currently clinging to him, he knew that he would not have been able to control his footsteps and walk toward Su Bei.

The assistant brought Su Bei to Tang Xinru’s side.

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“Su Bei, you’re here?” Tang Xinru smiled and stood up.
“Grandfather is waiting for you.
Go and see him.”


Tang Xinru accompanied Su Bei upstairs.

When Su Bei appeared at the door, Old Master Tang stood up from the sofa.
“Su Bei!”

When Tang Jianming and his wife saw their ldaughter standing in front of them, their eyes couldn’t help but turn red.
They wanted to go up and hug her, but when they saw that their daughter, who was as exquisite as a doll, had become a big girl now, they were at a loss..
It seemed that they didn’t dare to be rude to such an exquisite-looking woman.

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