n front of Old Master Tang and placed her hand in the old man’s.

Su Huixian’s mind went blank.
Su Bei was that child? How was that possible?

This was a possibility that she had never thought of before.
However, when she thought about the incidents that happened before and after, she slowly realized that this was the only possibility…

Su Bei was adopted, Chen Xiuzhu had brought her back from the orphanage, the adoption certificate… All these could be linked to today’s events.

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In other words, Su Huixian had wanted to smear Chen Xiuzhu’s name but she indirectly helped Su Bei find her biological parents and her real family!

Instead of framing Su Bei, she had helped Su Bei instead!

As expected, Old Master Tang looked at Su Bei lovingly and said to everyone, “Everyone, this is my little granddaughter, Su Bei.
She left home so many years ago and has finally returned to my side.
From now on, our Tang family’s little princess has returned.
This is the most meaningful birthday I’ve ever had and it’s also the happiest New Year’s in my life.”

His words, which were filled with his love and affection, spread to everyone.
Those who previously looked down on Su Bei were now humiliated.
They didn’t expect that she was the little princess of Sheng Tang, the most beloved child of Old Master Tang.

She appeared here tonight in an open and aboveboard manner.
She wasn’t here to freeload, nor was she here to rely on this kind of banquet to increase her popularity.

It was because she was already born with the aura of a princess!

Tang Jianming also said loudly, “My little daughter is back.
Tonight, the Tang family has prepared a feast for everyone..
Everyone, please celebrate with us.”

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