ang laughed and nodded.
He opened it and said, “Not bad, not bad.
It’s Qiu Wan’s handwriting!”

Someone immediately said, “Qiu Wan is a very famous calligrapher who recently appeared.
Her works are very magical.”

“It’s admirable for Miss Su Huixian to have such foresight to prepare such a gift.
Old Master Tang, today is truly a joyous occasion!”

“What are the four blessings?”

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“Firstly, happiness is a family reuniting during the spring festival; secondly, happiness is welcoming one’s own granddaughter; Thirdly, happiness is living longer than the South Mountain; Fourthly, happiness is obtaining these words.”

Old Master Tang was overjoyed.
Although Qiu Wan was too commercial and her words were a little tacky, it was still better than other gifts.

Old Master Tang’s impression of Su Huixian changed.
Although the Su family was not a good family, Su Huixian could not choose her family, after all.
She was still alright.

Hearing everyone present, Su Bei remembered that she had also prepared a gift for her grandfather.

She smiled and said, “Grandpa, I’ve also prepared a gift for you.”

“Really? What is it?” Old Master Tang immediately said happily, “I’m so happy, let me see it!”

“I know that you like calligraphy as well, so I also prepared a piece,” Su Bei said.

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Su Huixian couldn’t help but snort.
She recalled that when Su Bei bought it, it was just a few thousand yuan.
Compared to her own gift, it was a far cry.
She had just randomly chosen it from a pile of trash but was giving it as a gift.
How cheap.

She was so lucky to become a member of the Tang family.
If it were her, she would be much better than Su Bei.

When everyone saw that Su Bei also took out a calligraphy piece, they showed disapproving faces.

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