r granddaughter?

They would only remember that Tang Yue was a talented and filial child.
They would remember that she had invited Qin Yue.

The only thing they would remember about Su Bei was her uncouthness and ignorance.
She had casually handed a calligraphy piece without a signature to her grandfather.

Tang Yue raised her chin haughtily.
Even God was helping her.
She had been trying to contact Qin Yue, but unfortunately, she was never able to reach him.

However, she didn’t expect that she would be able to get in touch with him so soon after using the Tang family’s name.
He agreed to her request without even saying anything.

In reality, Tang Yue had only wanted to ask for a piece of calligraphy; she never expected Qin Yue to take the initiative to attend the banquet.

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Old Master Tang was so excited that his face turned red.
He had loved calligraphy since he was young.
Unfortunately, his country was not doing well when he was young.
He could not even afford a pen and paper to practice calligraphy.
He could only write on the ground.

Later on, he finally had money but he didn’t have the time.
It was only after he became old that he could make up for lost time.

This Qin Yue was one of the young scholars that he had recently taken a liking to.

He had never thought of inviting such a talented young man to his birthday banquet.

Tang Yue was too filial.

“Grandpa, Qin Yue is here,” Tang Yue said with a smile.

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“Yes, yes, yes.” Old Master Tang went forward respectfully.

The gentleman here was not a typical gentleman.
Instead, he was a master.
This was Old Master Tang’s respect for the talented Qin Yue.

“Old Master Tang, nice to meet you,” Qin Yue said politely..
His voice was the same as the others but it was elegant and pleasant to the ears.

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