Chapter 659: Can’t Stump Her

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Everyone was impressed by his demeanor.
At this moment, there was complete silence.
No one dared to speak out loud.

“It’s my honor to have you here, Mr.
Prepare tea, paper, and pen!” Old Master Tang’s voice trembled with excitement.

After a while, an old-fashioned calligraphy table was prepared and carried over by the servants.
It was the table that Old Master Tang often used to practice calligraphy.

The best brush, paper, and inkstone were all placed on the table.

“Are these okay? If they’re not, I can get someone to change them!” Old Master Tang asked.

“They’ll do,” Qin Yue said in a flat voice.
He was still cold and aloof.

Excited, Tang Yue took the initiative to strike up a conversation with him.
Qin, today is my grandfather’s birthday, so please write a congratulatory message! Just do as you wish! I’ll help you grind the ink!”

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With that, Tang Yue picked up the ink slab and was about to grind it.

Qin Yue looked up and signaled her to put it down.

Tang Yue was slightly taken aback.
Although she was unhappy, she could only let it be.
She knew that Qin Yue had many quirks, but she did not know what he wanted to do.
Could it be that he wanted Grandpa to personally grind the ink?

Qin Yue looked at Su Bei and said, “Can you help me grind the ink?”

It was a question, but his cold tone sounded so certain that Su Bei could not refuse.

Su Bei could only go over and help him grind the ink.
She had practiced calligraphy before, so grinding ink was not difficult for her.

Old Master Tang twirled his beard and smiled.
They were both his granddaughters, so it didn’t matter who was grinding the ink.

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Tang Yue, however, did not think so.
Since Qin Yue was invited by her, logically speaking, she should be the one to accompany Qin Yue and not Su Bei.

However, since Qin Yue had personally spoken, she could not argue too much.

“What do you want me to write?” Qin Yue asked.

“Me?” Su Bei did not expect him to ask her.

“Yes, you.” Qin Yue smiled.

Everyone’s eyes were on Su Bei.
Now that they were looking at her more seriously, Su Bei was more pleasing to the eyes than before.
She did not have any makeup on her face, and her eyebrows were exquisite.
Her temperament was also outstanding.
When she stood next to Qin Yue, it made people realize that she also had a noble temperament as well.

It was different from what people expected from a woman in the entertainment industry.

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She was very skilled in grinding ink, as if she often did this kind of thing.

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Tang Yue wished she could speak for Su Bei.
However, it was not convenient for her to show off on such an occasion, so she could only hold it in.

Su Bei thought for a while and gave her suggestion.
Qin, what do you think?”

“Very good.” Qin Yue lowered his head and picked up his pen.

An elder said, “Old Master Tang, I really envy you.
Your granddaughter is talented.”

“You flatter me!” Old Master Tang chuckled..

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