only think that Su Bei was chatting with them.

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But Fang Yourong had a guilty conscience and felt that every word Su Bei asked was full of probing.

It was a secret that nobody could know about.
If anyone tried to probe, it would make her jump.
How could she stand Su Bei’s questioning?

The makeup artist was very familiar with Fang Yourong and said to Su Bei, “Miss Su, these are all personal questions.
Can you not ask about it? Furthermore, our Sister Yourong has always had a good stomach.
How could there be any problems? Your question is really strange.
Some might think that you’re concerned about our Sister Yourong but those who don’t know any better would think that you’re cursing her.”

Su Bei did not expect Fang Yourong to be so upset by a question about her stomach and America.
Thinking that there might be some hidden reason, she tactfully said, “I was a little rude.

With that, she turned around and left.

Only then did Fang Yourong loosen her grip slightly.

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The makeup artist said in a low voice, “Sister Yourong, what does Su Bei mean? Does she really want to steal your role?”

“How is that possible?” Fang Yourong lowered her voice and felt a cramping pain in her stomach.

She took the stomach medicine and clasped her hand over her stomach to suppress the pain.
She did not want to go to the hospital.

Now was the time for her career to rise.
Every minute was precious, and she didn’t want to waste her time in the hospital.

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