gh, I’m not afraid.”

Lu Heting hugged her.
“But my only request is that you don’t get hurt again.
Otherwise, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

Su Bei leaned on his shoulder and felt the man’s low mood.
She comforted him and said, “I’ll try my best.
Don’t feel bad.”

That night, Su Bei sent the misdiagnosis report to Fang Yourong.
It would be sent directly to the crew and she should receive it the next day.

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The next day, Su Bei paid a lot of attention to the status of the express delivery to the crew.
When she found out that Fang Yourong’s assistant had received it, she was relieved.
Now, whatever happened to Fang Yourong after this had nothing to do with her.

“Sister Yourong, you have a package.” The assistant placed a big package in front of Fang Yourong.

Zhou Yao also came in as she had bought Fang Yourong breakfast and coffee.
Her scenes were limited, and she hadn’t been on set recently, so she had a lot of time.
She would stay by Fang Yourong’s side.

Fang Yourong said, “Maybe my cover magazine and the brand’s gifts have arrived.
Help me open it.”

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“Okay,” Zhou Yao replied and helped to open the package.

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After Fang Yourong slowly ate a few mouthfuls of breakfast, she went to the bathroom to wash her hands and rinse her mouth.

When Zhou Yao flipped open one of the documents, she realized that it was just a thin piece of paper.
It was written in English.
What was it?

But according to her guess, this was a hospital’s medical report..
She didn’t recognize the other words on it, but she recognized the word ‘cancer’.
Could it be a prank?

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