n Zhou Yao heard this, she couldn’t help but turn around and leave.
‘Stomach cancer? Go f*ck yourself!’

Fang Yourong covered her stomach and said unhappily, “What’s up with America? Will they die if they don’t mention America?”

After Zhou Yao walked out, she crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it.

However, after thinking about it, she still picked it up and looked at it carefully.
The personal information on it was blurred, but from the looks of it, the person who had gastric cancer was undoubtedly Fang Yourong.

Looking at Fang Yourong’s expression, she seemed to know nothing about her illness.
Every time her stomachache acted up, she would rely on some stomach medicine.

Zhou Yao had just checked and found that one could not survive for long if one had late-stage gastric cancer.
If Fang Yourong was really sick, she would only be able to live for a few years at most.
If she was unlucky, she would not even be able to survive for half a year.

If Fang Yourong really died, there would be more resources in the company and her position would be vacant.

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At that time, she would need to be replaced by someone.
As Fang Yourong’s junior, she had the highest chance of obtaining all of this…

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Thinking of this, the selfish side of Zhou Yao was revealed.

Fang Yourong did not like to go to the hospital.
Zhou Yao had already fulfilled her duty of trying to inform her but she was the one who refused to listen.

She could not be blamed for all of this.

After Su Bei fulfilled her duty of informing Fang Yourong and saw that she had received the parcel, she was relieved.

However, Su Bei saw that Fang Yourong was still relaxed and did not seem to care about her illness.
She also did not ask for leave from the crew..
Su Bei shrugged her shoulders.
Could it really not be her?

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