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When it was almost dawn, Su Bei was sleeping soundly in Lu Heting’s arms when her phone rang.

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Lu Heting reached out and was about to decline when he saw that it was Yue Ze.
He answered it in the end.

Yue Ze sounded anxious.
“Su Bei, do me a favor and go to the hospital to see Lv Shan.”

“What happened to Sister Lv?” Su Bei woke up and sat up.

“She’s about to give birth and was sent to the hospital.
She’s all alone.” Yue Ze sounded panicked and guilty.

Su Bei put down the phone and immediately got up to get dressed.
Lu Heting also got up with her.
After calling Aunt Chen over, they immediately rushed to the hospital.

After Su Bei and Lu Heting rushed to the hospital, the nurse saw them and asked, “Lv Shan’s family?”

“Yes, we are.”

“What’s wrong with you guys? The pregnant lady’s water broke in the middle of the night but there was no one beside her.
The baby doesn’t even have any clothes to wear.
Go take a look.”

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“How are they?” Su Bei quickly asked.

“Luckily, both mother and son are safe.
Seriously, family members nowadays are so negligent.” The nurse was still complaining about Su Bei.
However, when she subconsciously glanced at Lu Heting’s stern gaze, she quickly stopped complaining.

When Su Bei entered the delivery room, she realized that Lv Shan’s head was covered in sweat and her face was pale.
The baby was wrapped in a towel with a logo.
It was from one of the hospital’s sponsors.
Everything looked clumsy and careless.

Lv Shan obviously did not have the energy to carry the baby..
She could only let the baby cry at the side.


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