Chapter 688: Disfigure Her And Break Her Limbs

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This slap made Su Bei vomit blood.
The sound of the slap was very loud, and the reporters felt that Zhou Yao’s slap was a little heavy-handed.
They immediately started discussing, “Isn’t her slap too heavy-handed?”

“Do they really slap each other during filming?”

“Su Bei is really dedicated.
She didn’t even make a sound when she was beaten up like this.”

These discussions entered Su Bei’s ears.
She was not affected at all and was still immersed in her own emotions.

However, Zhou Yao was clearly affected.
She originally wanted to give Su Bei another tight slap, but she was afraid of being criticized.
This time, her momentum was obviously weaker.

She gave her a light slap.
“This is for the soldiers you killed!

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“This is for all the people in the world!”

The third slap was even weaker.

The three slaps seemed to have completely evoked Ni Huang’s resistance.
This woman’s father was the real rebel.
She had given up everything for her country, yet she was being treated like this.

The unwillingness, fragility, pain, and betrayal in Ni Huang’s eyes, as well as the anger for everyone who had openly drawn their swords against her, swirled in her eyes.

However, she was still enduring it because her responsibility was to protect the citizens of the Great Xiao Empire and not to harm them.

Zhou Yao drew her sword and said, “Today, I’ll make you lose your life with my sword!”

The character played by Zhu Fenfen said, “Sister, Ni Huang is so arrogant.
Why don’t we disfigure her and break her limbs? Only then can we make her life a living hell and crush her arrogance!”

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Zhou Yao’s expression flashed, but she was convinced by Zhu Fenfen.
She pointed her sword at Ni Huang’s wrist, intending to slice her tendons.

“Ah!” Ni Huang suddenly shouted.
The anger and pain in her voice made everyone’s hair stand on end.

Just as Zhou Yao, Zhu Fenfen, and Zhong Xiu were about to slice her tendons, Ni Huang finally exploded.
She broke free from the shackles on her body and knocked the swords out of their hands.
She kicked each of them in the chest.

The three of them fell to the ground, their chests feeling stuffy.
They could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

Unlike the bag of blood that Su Bei had bitten, these three people were really kicked in the chest by Su Bei!

The three of them were truly injured.

After Ni Huang dealt with these three people, she lowered her head as two teardrops fell from her right eye.
It was as if she was crying for her family, or for the citizens of the Great Xiao Empire whom she had once protected with all her might but had no choice but to injure.

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These three people were also citizens of the Great Xiao Empire.

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Su Bei did not have a single line.
It was all action and inner conflict.
Su Bei’s eyes, however, showed the changes the character was going through—hatred, resentment, and righteousness.

Everyone in the crew was stunned.

Especially her tears.
It wasn’t mentioned in the script, but this made Ni Huang look even more emotional.

“Cut!” After the director yelled, Su Bei, who was standing in front of everyone, revealed a smile and bowed to everyone.

The reporters were shocked and asked each other, “Is Su Bei wearing wires?”

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“I didn’t see them! I didn’t see any workers controlling the wires either!”

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