e thought all this was just normal.

“Generally speaking, you still have half a year.
If you’re lucky and seek the most advanced treatment in the world, you might be able to survive for about three years.”

However, there was no hope of a cure.
Hu did not say the last sentence.

Fang Yourong’s face instantly turned ashen.
How was that possible? She had worked hard for so many years and there was still a long time ahead of her.
Even if her acting career after this didn’t succeed, everything that she had now would still allow her to live a luxurious life.

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But suddenly, someone had sentenced her to death.
Was she going to lose everything?

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No! Fang Yourong did not believe it!

She ruthlessly tore the report that was handed to her and smashed everything on the table.

Hu said, “You can also go to another hospital for a check-up.”

With that, he stood up and left.

As Fang Yourong vented her anger, her assistant was so scared that he did not dare to go forward.

He quickly ran out and asked around for a while more before finding out that Dr.
Hu had already sent her diagnosis report to a few hospitals for checking.
The result was final.

Hu also told his assistant that if this illness was detected earlier, according to some research done by the United States, there was actually still hope of recovery.

But now, it was too late.

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When the assistant returned to the ward, he found Fang Yourong sitting on the floor like a lunatic with disheveled hair and a pale face.

Money, fame, wealth… The things that she had spent the first half of her life searching for seemed to be meaningless now.

What had she been fighting for?

Old Master Tang didn’t believe that Su Bei would injure someone, much less send catkins to harm someone.

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