ment, Lu Heting’s phone rang.
It was an unknown number.

He glanced at it and picked it up.

“Hey, Lu Heting…” Su Bei’s voice entered his ears along with the electric current.

Lu Heting perked up, but his voice was hoarse.
“Bei Bei, where are you?”

“The hospital.
I got some small bruises when I was filming.
I didn’t bring my phone with me and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to contact you, so I borrowed someone else’s phone to call you.”

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“Which ward are you in?” Lu Heting held his breath.
Were they really just small bruises?

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After Su Bei said that, she said, “There are many reporters.
You don’t have to come over.
I can go home soon.”

“I got it.” Lu Heting hung up the phone.
Although Su Bei said it casually as if there was no big problem, how could falling off the cliff be a small problem?

However, the fact that she was still able to call him calmed him down a little.
His body still trembled, but the pain in his heart subsided a little.

Before Lu Hang knew what was going on, he said, “Mr.
Lu, I’ll arrange a doctor for you.
Bear with it for now.”

“I don’t need a doctor.
Find a way to lure the reporters away so that I can go to the third floor of the inpatient department.”

“Huh?” Lu Hang was worried when he saw Mr.
Lu’s ugly expression.

Who knew that Mr.
Lu would recover so quickly?

“You don’t understand my orders?”

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“I’ll go now!” Lu Hang said immediately.

He wondered what was wrong with Mr.

Soon, Lu Hang mixed into the group of reporters and pointed in a direction, shouting, “Over there, Su Bei and Fang Yourong have appeared!”

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