elt heartbroken.
He coaxed her to sleep and let her rest for a while.
It was good for her recovery.

After Su Bei fell asleep, Lu Heting called Lu Hang.
“I want all the footage from today’s filming, as well as all the information about Fang Yourong and the crew.
Also, lock down the third floor of the inpatient department and don’t let anyone in.”

Soon, Lu Hang sent the information over.

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Lu Heting watched the footage without missing a single frame.
After watching it countless times, he realized that Fang Yourong seemed to be acting very stealthy.
She seemed to be removing the wires on herself.

However, her actions were too secretive.
When she did it, she was facing the cliff and avoided the camera.
Hence, it was hard to say that she really undid the wires herself.

However, this point alone was enough for Lu Heting to suspect her.

This was because the rest of the crew had been investigated and there was nothing suspicious.

As for Fang Yourong and Su Bei, there were already all sorts of conflicts between them…

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At this moment, the news of Fang Yourong and Su Bei’s injuries became more and more intense on the internet.

As Su Bei’s injuries were minor while Fang Yourong’s injuries were more serious, all the curses were directed at Su Bei.

[I’m guessing that Su Bei has really gone crazy from wanting to be the female lead.
That’s why she’s continually targeting Fang Yourong.
We haven’t even gotten to the bottom of the allergy incident the last time.
This time, the two even fell down the cliff.]

[In the past, I only thought that Su Bei was a bit of a b*tch.
Now, it seems like she’s not just a b*tch.
She’s purely vicious! Must she kill Fang Yourong?]

[Fang Yourong’s fans, don’t spread any negative news.
The police have yet to come to a conclusion yet you already came up with one?]

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