ontract with her because she was not fit for filming.

Only her assistant was by her side.

In just a short while, her fortune came to an end and began to wither away.

Only now did she feel hatred and regret.
If she had used her real information to go for the examination, found out the problem, and immediately treated her illness, would things be completely different now?

If she hadn’t been so against Su Bei at the start where even one word from Su Bei made her fly into a rage, would the outcome be better?

“Sister Yourong, take some medicine.
The doctor said you can’t go on like this,” the assistant advised.

Fang Yourong was not in the mood to take medicine.
Her heart had long been tortured by regret and was completely numb.

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The assistant did not expect Su Bei to approach Fang Yourong with good intentions.

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Fang Yourong had too many experiences in this social circle and was too guarded.
That was why things had gotten to this stage.

“That package…” Fang Yourong thought of the catkins in the package.

Since it wasn’t Su Bei or the delivery company, it must be… her junior, Zhou Yao, whom she had always trusted!

Right then, Zhou Yao appeared with a bouquet of flowers.

When Fang Yourong saw her, she jumped off the bed and wanted to go over to strangle her to death.

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However, her body could not take it anymore and she fell to the ground.

Zhou Yao took two steps back.
Seeing Fang Yourong’s frightening expression, she could not help but say, “Sister Yourong, you should get up and rest.”

Fang Yourong said coldly, “You came to see me?”

“That’s right.
I came to visit you.
You’ve always been guiding me.
Now that you’re in this state, of course, I have to visit you..” Zhou Yao smiled and said, “I even brought your favorite flowers.”

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