is daughter needed an organ transplant, but there was no chance.
As a doctor and father, he was very worried.

His daughter looked tired and upset.

“Xiaoxiao, I’m sorry.
I didn’t fulfill my promise to you and didn’t invite Fang Yourong to visit you.” Dr.
Hu felt very guilty.

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Xiaoxiao looked at him.
“It’s okay.
I don’t like her anymore anyway.
Don’t you know about the latest news?”

Hu heaved a sigh of relief.
“Then, do you want anything else?”

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“I really like Su Bei now.
I started liking her when I saw her walking on stage.
When I saw a video of her audition last time, I was so infatuated with her.
At that time, I changed my mind and decided to be Su Bei’s fan for the rest of my life! No matter what happens to her, I’ll never stop supporting her!” Xiaoxiao suddenly became spirited.

Hu did not expect that things would turn out like this.
To think that he had even hurt Su Bei in order to get Fang Yourong to see his daughter.

Now, he really didn’t have it in him to look for Su Bei.
Moreover, she was so busy, so why would she come to see his daughter?

Just as Dr.
Hu was feeling troubled, someone knocked on the door of the ward.

Hu wiped his tears.
“Please come in.”

The door opened and Su Bei walked in.
She was dressed in beautiful sportswear and had her hair tied up in a beautiful bun.

“Su Bei!” Xiaoxiao’s scream almost overturned the roof!

“Shh!” Su Bei placed her finger on her lips.

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Xiaoxiao quickly stopped screaming.
Su Bei sat down and Xiaoxiao rubbed her eyes.
“Am I dreaming? Is it true? Have I gone to heaven?”

“No.” Su Bei smiled gently and reached out to touch her head.
“What are you saying? You’re alive and well.”

“How did you get here? Why did you come? Did my dream come true?” Xiaoxiao cried in joy.

Su Bei glanced at Dr.
Hu and gently said to the little girl, “Your father invited me.
He loves you very much and his heart aches for you.”

Xiaoxiao looked at her father as tears streamed down her face.

Hu could not help but tear up.

Su Bei accompanied Xiaoxiao for a while before leaving..
The little girl’s mood was instantly restored and she was brimming with joy.

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