ry would not want to be associated with the Lu family?

Lu Weijian often traveled around the world, so they didn’t always have the opportunity to befriend him.

Besides, what if the mysterious person in charge of Lu Group was also here?

No matter what, being able to gain Lu Group’s favor was a hundred times better than becoming friends with the Tang family.

Even if the person in charge wasn’t around, it would be great if they could make their names known in front of the management.

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These people were different from ordinary guests and celebrities.
Before leaving, they had to inform Tang Yue.

They all walked up to Tang Yue and said with a smile, “Miss Tang, I still have some matters to attend to at home.
I’ll make a move first.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Tang.
My mother suddenly has a headache.
I’ll accompany her outside to rest.”

“Miss Tang, thank you for your hospitality.
We’ll take our leave first.”

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“Everyone, I haven’t displayed all my treasures yet.
Why don’t you guys stay a little longer?” Tang Yue urged them to stay.

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However, these people wanted to make their names known in front of Lu Group, so how could they stay?

Tang Yue took a look at the situation and realized that it was not even 8:30 PM yet.
All these wealthy ladies who had nothing better to do usually played until midnight before going home.

Tonight, everyone suddenly said they were leaving at this hour.
What was wrong with them?

Tang Yue was furious.
At this moment, Tang Xinru stepped forward.
“Tang Yue, I’m leaving too.

Even Tang Xinru was leaving.
Wasn’t she blatantly ruining her reputation?

Old Master Tang said, “Tang Yue, isn’t the fair still continuing tomorrow? These people left tonight but they could still come tomorrow night..
I guess everyone wants to enjoy it tomorrow night instead.”

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