te!” Old Master Tang said seriously.

Tang Yue felt extremely upset.
Everyone in the family was happy while she was forcing the smile on her face.

The people of Lu Group really had bad taste!

However, Tang Yue felt a little better when she thought that they were investing so much just to support their artists.
Su Bei was just a supplementary factor.

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The grand investment signing ceremony was finally over.
Su Bei returned to Lu Heting’s car and rubbed her stiff face, still unable to hide her excitement.

“I told you Director Guo Feng’s script wouldn’t be buried.
The people from Di Xing Media have good taste.
The companies under Lu Group are really not bad!” Su Bei smiled and said.

Lu Heting smirked.
This silly woman didn’t know that it was all because of her.

There had always been many good scripts, but she was the only Su Bei who was worthy of Lu Heting personally using the resources of his subsidiary company to support her.

“Director Guo Feng is still sending me WeChat messages.
He’s probably too excited to sleep tonight,” Su Bei said as she replied to Director Guo Feng’s messages.

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Lu Heting saw that she had her head slightly lowered.
Her long eyelashes fluttered and covered her bright eyes.
Under her thick, seaweed-like hair, a corner of her chin was revealed.
She was lively, cute, yet lazy and elegant.
Once he remembered that she was his woman, his heart started beating strongly.

He tilted his head and planted a kiss on Su Bei’s face.

Su Bei raised her face and smiled.
“Drive properly! Be careful or you’ll be punished by the traffic police.”

“Only punishment, no reward?” Lu Heting tilted his head and looked at the woman.

“What reward do you want?” Su Bei smiled at him.

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