old herself, she might not be able to afford it.

She really regretted walking too fast just now…

Su Bei gently tugged on her sleeve and said, “Don’t panic.
Leave it to me.”

Although she said that, Lin Moli still panicked.
She knew that Su Bei was loyal, but no matter how loyal she was, she could not spend Su Bei’s money.

Su Bei stepped out and said, “I wonder which piece of jade you have your eyes on, Miss Jia?”

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Jia Shiyun was actually very angry in her heart.
Even if she were to get a jade that cost tens of millions of yuan, she still felt that it wouldn’t match this jade of hers.
No matter what, it couldn’t compare to hers!

However, in front of so many people, she had to maintain her good image.
She said, “I just happened to take a fancy to a piece of jade that costs one million.
I know it’s not easy for others and I’m partly responsible for what happened earlier as well.
There’s no need for her to compensate me with two million, and there’s no need for her to compensate for the necklace either.
Just buy me this jade that costs one million.”

She spoke quite generously as if she had given Lin Moli a huge advantage.
She was taking advantage of Lin Moli, yet she still pretended to be obedient.

Although everyone felt that one million was very expensive and ordinary people couldn’t afford it, seeing that Moli was Su Bei’s friend, they knew that she might have relations to the entertainment industry.
Anyway, for people in the entertainment industry, this bit of money shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Hence, everyone spoke up for Jia Shiyun.
“Jia Shiyun is really magnanimous.
The rumors are indeed true.”

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“A person like her really deserves to be popular.
Just based on her attitude in resolving a problem, I think she deserves to be more popular than others.”

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“Of course.
If it were my beloved item that was damaged, I might even have the urge to kill someone!”

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