Chapter 741: Goes Against Our Morals

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Tang Yue smiled and said, “No matter what, this happened at my fair.
Su Bei is

my younger sister, so I can’t escape responsibility for this matter.
How about

this? Miss Jia, please choose any piece of jade here.
I’ll compensate you.”

“How can I accept this?I can’t let you spend so much money.
Besides, all your

jade has already been reserved.
How can I take one? Jia Shiyun tried her best to


“of course, you can accept it.
Since I made a mistake, I should compensate you.

T’l think ofa way to settle the issue of reservation.
Salesperson, go get the jade

from Area D and let Miss Jia select one,” Tang Yue said.

“Jade from Area D? Someone immediately clicked their tongue.
“The jade there

are worth tens of millions of yuan each! President Tang is too generous!”

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“Compared to Su Bei, this is really a big deal.
Su Bei’s hesitation meant that she

didn’t really want to compensate.
President Tang is truly domineering.

“She’s a heroine! President Tang resembles Old Master Tang!

As a result, Jia Shiyun declined even more, saying that she couldn’t accept Tang

Yue’s things

However, Tang Yue wanted to give Jia Shiyun something, so she tried her best

to persuade her to accept it.

The jade necklace incident caused the two of them to be seen as benevolent and

They were very sensible and proper, making Su Bei look like she was

not presentable at all.

Jia Shiyun was indeed fond of the jade that Tang Yue was offering to her.

had already said what she needed to say and done what she needed to do.

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she could only put on a troubled expression and say, “Since you insist on being

so generous, then I shall not refuse.”

“This is something that should be done, so please don’t stand on ceremony.

Here, on behalf of my younger sister, I’ll once agalin apologize to you.” Tang8

Yue carefully picked out a jade stone worth tens of millions and held it in her

hands as she spoke to Jia Shiyun.

Jia Shiyun was overjoyed.
This was worth tens of millions!

Although she did not lack this bit of money, what was so bad about someone

giving it to her for free? Furthermore, after the news was released, others

would only say that she was magnanimous and Tang Yue was benevolent.

two of them would be able to forma good relationship with each other while

Su Bei was just a coward.
It was killing three birds with one stone.

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Just as Jia Shiyun was about to receive it, Su Bei smiled and said, “Wait a


She suddenly spoke, and Jia Shiyun had no choice but to let go.
Tang Yue

looked at her and said, “Su Bei, what else do you want to say? I know you’re

unwilling to compensate and think that this compensation is too expensive,

but this needs to be done.
How can we do something that goes against our


In front of everyone, she acted like an elder sister and gently lectured Su Bei,

making Su Bei seem willful and ignorant.

With Su Bei’s current actions, she did not look like a celebrity or a rich young

In everyone’s eyes, they could not help but look down on her.
She was

indeed justa woman with good looks.
She really did not have any brains at all.

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Su Bei smiled and said, “of course, I have to compensate.
I didn’t say I wouldn’t.

It’s just that Miss Jia and her manager said just now that this jade necklace has

a great significance to Miss Jia.
When she first debuted, she received it as a gift

from the company.
She has been wearing it all these years, so how can we just

let matters be after damaging it?

You’re right, so Tm going to help you compensate her, Tang Yue said.

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