ar around without any explanation and the car disappeared in front of Su Bei.

Su Bei could not help but laugh.
If Tang Yue wanted to play, she would play with her.
Unfortunately, Tang Yue was terrified.

Su Bei turned around and kissed Lu Heting again.
“Anyway, I won’t let anyone hurt you.
Lu Heting, if Tang Yue wants to play, let’s play with her openly.”

Lu Heting hooked his arm around her waist.
“As you wish.”

Sure enough, Su Bei received Old Master Tang’s call the next day, asking her to go home for dinner and meet a few friends.

Old Master Tang was really shocked.
In his heart, Su Bei was still young and not suitable for dating, so he did not even urge her.

He had seen Du Jinghao’s despondence.
He had wanted to test his character before arranging for Tang Yue or Su Bei to go on a blind date with him.
He did not expect Su Bei to already have a boyfriend.

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“Who is it? Have you checked his background information?”

‘Tang Yue said in a low voice, “We haven’t found anything yet, but we managed to get some information from the people close to Su Bei.
They say that man is…”

“What is it? Don’t hesitate!”

“He’s Lu Group’s chauffeur,” Tang Yue said in a low voice.
“He’s similar to an assistant.”

She thought to herself that it was no wonder Su Bei was able to get an investment from Di Xing Media.
Although Lu Heting’s status as a chauffeur was low, it was still possible for him to occasionally persuade his boss to help him with something.

After all, the chauffeur would know his boss’ secrets and was the closest person to him.

Old Master Tang was indeed dissatisfied.
How could the little princess that he treasured be with a chauffeur? Just the thought of it was unbearable..

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