“She… She brought a friend with her.” The assistant hesitated.

“What friend? Since it’s someone Su Bei brought back, let’s just eat together.
It’s alright to have another person join us,” Old Master Tang said.
“Have her come over.”

‘The assistant hurried out and returned quickly, followed by Su Bei.

Grandpa Tang was about to greet her happily when he saw Lu Heting beside her.

Instantly, everyone’s expressions changed slightly as their gazes fell on Su Bei and Lu Heting’s tightly interlocked fingers.

Everyone looked at Lu Heting in unison.
The man’s appearance was impeccable.
He was as perfect as a god that had descended to the mortal world.
His aura made people feel oppressed.

If not for the fact that he was a chauffeur and an assistant, everyone would probably treat him as the president of a company.

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But his clothes betrayed his true identity and income.

Because he was only wearing the clothes gifted by Su Bei.
The wristwatch he was wearing was also gifted by Su Bei.
They were all items worth tens of thousands of yuan.
In front of these people of status, these prices were really nothing.

Ou Huanwei looked like she had predicted everything.
Luckily, she had not let her son go on a blind date with Su Bei.
Look at Su Bei’s taste!

Du Jinghao’s face was extremely grim.

Old Master Tang’s jaw dropped in shock.

“Grandpa, Dad, Mom, Sister.” Su Bei walked over with a calm expression on her fair face.
She introduced calmly, “This is Lu Heting, my boyfriend.”7

There was no mention of their marriage because Da Bao and Gun Gun still needed protection..

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