tudent and a bad student.
A good student would think hard because they knew that the questions were difficult, but a bad student could not understand them anyway, so they decided to just forgo everything.
Happiness was the

most important thing to them.

Du Jinghao’s hands started to tremble, and his brows were knitted even tighter together.
Finally, he put down the chess piece and said, “I admit defeat!”

“Thanks for letting me win,” Lu Heting said politely.

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Du Jinghao’s face darkened.
He could tell that Lu Heting still had some strength left.
Even if he challenged Lu Heting again, he would lose terribly!

How did this man do it?

“How is this possible? How is this possible?” Ou Huanwei and Tang Yue were both shocked that Du Jinghao would say something like that!

Although they did not wish for him to win, he actually lost just like that.
That was shocking enough!

Lu Heting was just a newbie.
How did he crush this top expert?

Su Bei revealed a smile, as if saying ‘I knew my husband could do it’.

Du Jinghao stood up with a hint of loneliness on his face.
He looked deeply at Su Bei, picked up his jacket, stood up, and walked out.

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“This… This…” Ou Huanwei could not believe that her son had been crushed.

Old Master Tang smiled, “It’s common for young people to win and lose when they play.
However, Heting is really quite good.
Is this really your first time playing?”

“T’ve seen others play it before, but I only learned the rules today.” Lu Heting nodded.

Old Master Tang was a little satisfied with him.
With his memory and comprehension ability, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call him a genius..

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