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“Then how are we going to buy it today?” Lin Wenyu asked.
“What if we can’t get any jade? What if we get a lot of jade but it may not be the same jade that can be used to repair my mom’s bracelet?”

This was indeed a problem.

Su Bei wanted to ask this too.

Feng Cheng continued to send WeChat messages.
[I’ll try my best.]

Su Bei said, “Then we might have to go to the venue to take a look first.”

Lin Wenyu took out a card and said, “How about this? I have one million yuan in this card.
I’ll use all my pocket money to buy it.
We’ll leave after spending it.
Whatever happens, I’ll accept my fate.”

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She never liked to spend money recklessly.
Even though she was born into a wealthy family, she had her own bottom line.

Even though her family gave her a lot more pocket money, she only used some.
When she was studying at university, she often worked part-time to earn money.

Therefore, her heart still ached when she took out this one million yuan.

Su Bei could tell that she was reluctant and said, “How about this? I’ll pay 100,000 yuan and you’ll pay 100,000 yuan.
Let’s not buy a big piece of raw stone and just do pick-up.
If there’s something in the stone, we’ll split it evenly.
If there’s nothing, we’ll go home.”

“What’s a pick-up?” Lin Wenyu asked curiously.

“You’ll know when we get there.” Su Bei revealed a smile.
In the past, she had followed Feng Ze to the trading center.
Because she was cautious, Su Bei did not buy anything.
She just wanted to take a look.

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Since she had such an opportunity today, she would go have some fun.

‘The moment the car arrived, Feng Cheng’s entire body was glowing, He seemed to have come alive all of a sudden.

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