ened and no longer had the motivation to cut.
When he heard that the old man wanted to buy the scraps, he said, “50,000, I’ll give you two pieces for 50,000!”

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30,000 is the limit.” The old man bargained.

The fat man seemed to be planning to sell a little to recoup his losses, so he agreed on 30,000.

Soon after, an ordinary-looking female boss also spent 30,000 to buy two small stones.

The old man and the female boss cut open all the broken stones.

There was a pile of broken stones.

Another 60,000 yuan had gone to waste.

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The old man and the female boss shrugged their shoulders.
They were used to this kind of situation.

This business really looked like it was burning money.
In less than half an hour, so much money was spent for nothing.

It was indeed similar to gambling.

Su Bei turned around and asked Feng Cheng, “Feng Cheng, are you going to pick up the scraps?” The stones leftover from the cutting were all not big.
The biggest one was only the size of a basketball.
This was almost meaningless.
The staff would probably sweep it into the trash bin very soon.
If one were to pick up scraps now, one would have to be extremely lucky to be able to pick up something truly good.

Therefore, no one else offered to buy.

Feng Cheng hesitated for a while and used WeChat to send a message to Su Bei: (I want a piece.]

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Su Bei nodded.
“Are you still selling the small stones?”

When the fat man heard that, his smile was uglier than a crying face.
“I’ll sell.
At least I can cover back my losses a little.
How much are you offering?”

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