number of onlookers increased again.
Gradually, the mist under Feng Cheng’s dagger gradually revealed a green color.

“This young man’s luck is really too good!”

“This really isn’t simple! I can’t believe a stone like that has jade inside it!”

“Boss Wang, the things in your stall are amazing!”

Boss Wang was especially excited.
Sometimes, a stone from a stall might not be able to produce any treasure even after a few years of operation.
After all, the boss himself couldn’t tell if the stone was good or bad.

It was like coming to a lottery shop.
The boss could not decide who would win the prize.

However, if someone really got lucky in a shop, then the business of the shop would probably soar in the future.

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This was especially the case for raw stones.
No matter what methods were used, if they didn’t open it, they wouldn’t be able to find out what was inside.

Hence, if Feng Cheng really successfully found jade in two pieces, then even all the items in his stall would probably not meet the demand.

Inan instant, many people gathered around again.
Feng Cheng slowly rubbed against it, and soon, that piece of green grew bigger and bigger.
Looking at its color, it was probably even better than the previous piece.

“Young man, four million.
Sell it to me.” Some people were already pleading with Su Bei and Lin Wenyu.

Jade was very popular in the market, but not many stores could afford it.

On the other hand, Feng Cheng was able to get two pieces in a row.
The reason why this big shot offered to buy it was firstly to ensure the supply of goods, and secondly, he wanted to get a good start!

“Tll buy it for five million yuan.
Young man, you really can’t miss this opportunity.
There might not be such a good opportunity in the future..”

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