w into a rage.
“What do you mean by you and Yue Ze? Have I agreed to your relationship? You know very well what kind of person you are.
Let’s not bring up the fact that you were a mistress in the past.
This child isn’t even Yue Ze’s.
How can I agree to you two being together?

Anyway, you have to move out today!

“Our Yue family will never allow a woman like you, who was pregnant before marriage and gave birth to a bastard, to join us!”

These words were extremely harsh.
Lv Shan’s sore spot was exposed and her expression turned extremely ugly.

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After she had a child, she had no intention of getting into another relationship or even think about marriage.
However, Yue Ze had moved her with his sincerity, so Lv Shan agreed to try and date him.

However, none of this could stop her mother-in-law from telling the truth.
These were things Lv Shan least wanted to hear.

“aunt, I think our relationship is our own business…”

“What’s your own business? Marrying and having children, which one of these shouldn’t be our family’s business? Yue Ze was raised by me, so I have the right to make decisions for his matters.
Anyway, I definitely won’t let him get together with a woman like you,” Mrs.
Yue said loudly and firmly.

Lv Shan wanted to continue but Mrs.
Yue said, “I’ve already given you my ultimatum.
If you know what’s good for you, move out.
Otherwise, I’l find a moving company and move everything out tomorrow.”

Lv Shan was furious, but she had no choice when it came to Yue Ze’s mother.

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She was about to speak when there was a light knock on the door.
Lv Shan opened the door with red eyes and saw Su Bei.

Su Bei saw her crying and asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing.” Lv Shan quickly concealed her emotions…

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