Chapter 783: Even More Painful

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However, Su Bei had already seen the angry Mrs.
Yue sitting on the sofa.
Su Bei guessed that this person was Yue Ze’s mother.

The last time Lv Shan had given birth, Mrs.
Yue called Yue Ze away because of her heart disease.
Now that she had come personally, it seemed like she had ill intentions.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you had visitors,” Su Bei said quietly.

Yue stood up, glanced at Su Bei, and left without saying anything.

“Did Brother Yue Ze’s mother cause trouble for you? She doesn’t agree with the relationship?”

Lv Shan nodded.
“I knew it would be difficult but I only realized the severity now that I’m actually facing it.”

Back then, when she gave birth alone, Lv Shan knew that Yue Ze’s mother was the one behind it.

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But now, when she came knocking on her door, the embarrassment was even more painful.

“Ljust know that I no longer have the right to love and be loved…” Lv Shan lowered her head, her eyes reddening.
She was no longer as capable as she was at work.

In front of Su Bei, she openly revealed her vulnerability.

“How is that possible? Everyone has the right to love and be loved.
You didn’t do anything wrong.
Furthermore, choosing to be with you was Brother Yue Ze’s own decision.
Who said that a woman can’t start over and lead a happy life?” Su Bei saw Lv Shan crying and felt bad.

Lv Shan didn’t want her to worry about her and said, “You haven’t seen the child yet.
Go take a look.”

She got the nanny to carry the child out.
The obedient child was no longer as wrinkled as before and had become fair and chubby.

Su Bei recalled how Da Bao looked back then and her heart warmed.
She hugged him.
“So cute.”

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“Yes, the child is very sensible and obedient.
He rarely cries.
He always just eats and sleeps.” A blissful smile appeared on Lv Shan’s face.

“This is a gift for you.” Su Bei placed the item beside the baby.

She recalled that Da Bao was also like this back then.
He was exceptionally sensible and obedient since he was born and rarely needed Su Bei to worry about him.
It was as if he had unknowingly grown into his current self.

After Su Bei left Lv Shan’s house, she thought of her child and felt warm inside.

But thinking about Lv Shan’s situation, she sighed.

Perhaps she should help them.

For the next two days, she was busy filming, but she still thought about Lv Shan’s matters.

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‘When Yue Ze came over to deliver the documents to her, it was obvious that there were dark circles under his gold-rimmed glasses.

It seemed that he was also deeply troubled by this matter.

According to Lv Shan, he was very determined to protect her.
However, he could not stand his mother-in-law’s constant crying and tantrums.
As her son, he was also a little tired of dealing with her.

Su Bei took the documents and asked, “Are Sister Lv and the baby okay?”

“They’re doing alright.
It’s just that during this period, I’ve neglected to manage your matters.
I’m really sorry.”

“It’s fine.
Anyway, I’m doing quite well on the production team.
Xiao Bai is also very supportive.
Also, you know that I have someone else helping me.”

Yue Ze understood that the man behind her was much more capable than him.
Was he really just a chauffeur?

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“Oh, that’s right.
Brother Yue Ze, can you compile a list of information on your mother’s personality, hobbies, and family matters for me?” Su Bei saw his expression change and quickly said,” I won’t mess around.
I just need to think of a way to help you and Sister Lv.”

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