as as though it had already been ingrained in one’s mind.

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The hospital’s medical report was still unclear, so they requested Yue Ze to continue with the examination.

Yue was loitering around the park when the great immortal came again.

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immediately “Greatme!”said rushed over sheplease Immortal,Seeingto him, andhim, help

Su Bei sat down and said, “It’s not easy for me to help you with this matter.
I’m afraid it won’t be easy for your son to find someone whose birth characters match with his.”

“Do you mean that we must find that person and let them get married?”

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Yue believed in these things without a doubt.
However, where could she find such a compatible person?

She respectfully said, “Please give me a hint, Great Immortal.”

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“What characters?”birth son’syour are

Yue hurriedly reported it.

Su Bei pinched her fingers and said, “Your son is destined to be rich, successful in his career, and lead a noble life.
However, there’s one thing.
He has a steady personality but is slightly depressed.
He’s physically strong but is easily prone to illnesses.
He needs someone to keep him company.
The person

who’s destined to keep him company will have a child with her.
I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for your son to succeed..”

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