ng lady, your words do contain some logic.
However, shouldn’t your male friend handle this matter himself?”

“When facing your own family, it’s inevitable for you to be restrained.
It’s also inevitable for you to be more tolerant of your parents.
This is human nature.
I’ve checked.
His mother isn’t a bad person, but she’s too

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Therefore, it’s not a big deal for me to lend a hand to my friend.
Furthermore, Mrs.
Yue is also very happy now, so why not?” Su Bei said logically.

She said softly, “Even if it’s my son and he marries a woman with a child, I might feel uneasy.
I might worry about whether he’d do well and whether he’d get hurt.
I think that there are some things that we should look at from another perspective and put ourselves in the shoes of others.”

“Child, what you said makes sense.” The old woman nodded and said, “When a person becomes a mother and an elder, their roles change.
Indeed, they can’t help but think differently from young people.
I just didn’t expect you to have such thoughts at such a young age.”

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Su Bei smiled.
Perhaps with Da Bao and Gun Gun, it was easier for her to consider things from a mother’s perspective.

Su Bei did not know if it was inconvenient for the old woman to go home by herself.
Hence, she said, “Grandma, let me help you hail a cab and send you home.”

“Alright then.” The old woman looked at Su Bei.
“I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before.
You look familiar.”

She reminded her of her daughter.

Su Bei guessed that she must have seen her in a TV commercial..

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