Would the woman be able to accept his unimaginable status? Would she be worried that the two of them weren’t compatible? Would she feel pressured?

The moment he thought that she might leave, he couldn’t help but think more about it.

It was rare for Mr.
Lu to lose sleep that night.

The next morning, there were some dark circles around his eyes.

Although it did not affect his handsome and strong aura, Su Bei still noticed it immediately.

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“Aunt Chen, please buy some black chicken and ginseng today.
Make some chicken soup tonight,” Su Bei reminded Aunt Chen.

As someone who had experienced it before, Aunt Chen understood what she meant.
She smiled and said, “Yes, yes, I’ve already prepared them.
I’ll cook it tonight.”

Speaking of which, ever since Lu Heting moved into the master bedroom, Aunt Chen had gotten more attentive with the recipes.

She had watched Young Master grow up.
Now that he was living a blissful life, she naturally knew how to nourish Young Master and Young Madam.

“Su Bei, you and Sir are both busy.
You should advise Sir to take care of his health,” Aunt Chen kindly reminded.

Su Bei’s face was so red that she didn’t know what to do.
She coughed lightly and regained her usual expression.
“I know, Aunt Chen.”

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She had tried to persuade him, but he wouldn’t listen.

Lu Heting came out of the master bedroom after changing his clothes.
He frowned when he heard their conversation.

No man liked to hear such things.
He looked at Aunt Chen and said calmly, “I worked overtime last night and had to deal with some work matters at the last minute.
I only slept at four.”

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